Customer Reviews

jennifer dekker

I found it to be a real challange. You won't do it in an hour, I can tell you that.

Kris M

Gave as a gift to an elderly woman who loves puzzles. Puzzle shapes are unique and product is very well made. Great for kids and adults.

W. Roberts

This puzzle was a nice change of pace from a traditional rectangular puzzle. The shape and very small pieces add an additional challenge. The colors are beautiful and the wooden pieces are high quality, well made and contain some unique shapes.

Edith Lobdell

My son and I enjoyed doing the squirrel puzzle. Hard enough to make us have to work at it but easy enough to get done in an afternoon.

Sherry Caillier

Although I did not personally play with the puzzle because I bought it as a gift for a friend, I am very satisfied with the puzzle as a gift. I advised my friend, who recently had a stroke, about the gift I was giving her, and she was very eager to see the puzzle and begin work on it.

Jennifer Chamberlin

Pieces were thick and durable. All are different shaped. A few cute animal shapes. My boyfriend and I loved putting this together.


What a fun little puzzle!! Small enough to tuck into a suitcase to take along on our vacation. The pieces are small but manageable…and so clever, cut into shapes (a dog bone, a dog, a bird to name a few)! It was just fun to get the pieces ready for assembly! Cute enough to frame, super good quality, gift-like packaging…this one is a winner!


Beautiful puzzle with bright colors, fun and thick puzzle pieces, gorgeous guide to follow. Great value for the money.